How to Life – Lowering your expectations below average is a project combining art and artistic research by Anna Jensen and Andrea Coyotzi Borja. The project is an ongoing site-specific practice in a constant state of becoming. The project places an opportunity to be present, and be involved with practices, research, and experiences taking diverse forms and mediums within a context focusing on the process, the in-between, and not in an end product. It is an approach to embrace the unknown without immediately reducing it to what we already know. How To Life Below Average is about engaging, even before knowing, or defining, what you are engaged to. It is a space allowing thinking without the expectation of a result, without the confinement of the framework which some platforms seem to set upon the practice. How to Life is about walking, smoke bombs, T-shirts, avocados, and writing and thinking together in different spatial conditions. 

Anna Jensen and Andrea Coyotzi Borja are both doing their DA at Aalto University about the uncanny and infraordinary everyday. They have graduated from Aalto university’s Visual Culture MA program, worked in Pori Live project together and done multiple exhibitions together. How to Life project started 2017 and since that it has been presented in Mustekala, in Manifesti club in Turku, in Space Invaders VII – The Gift in Cholula, Mexico, and in a rural residency in Corris, Wales, 2018. 

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